jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

El navegador en modo texto original

Line Mode Browser 2013 es un proyecto del CERN para recuperar el navegador en modo texto original que se lanzó en el año 1992.

En septiembre de este año se juntaron unos cuantos hackers en el CERN para crear un emulador en página web del navegador de modo texto

En la página del proyecto pone:
The line-mode browser, launched in 1992, was the first readily accessible1 browser for what we now know as the world wide web. It was not, however, the world’s first web browser. The very first web browser was called WorldWideWeb2 and was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990.

But WorldWideWeb only worked on the NeXT operating system. WorldWideWeb was a great piece of software, but it was important that the web should be accessible to many kinds of computers, not just NeXT machines.

That’s where the line-mode browser came in. It was the first web browser with a cross-platform codebase so it could be installed on many different kinds of computers. It was a relatively simple piece of software with a very basic interface, but in the early days of the web, it was instrumental in demonstrating the power of this new medium.

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  1. Orale que interesante.
    La verdad es qu me gustaria probar tambien el navegador en modo texto, apuesto a que seria algo realmente educativo.